My stage 2 showdown strategy


So I’m not good enough to skip to final showdown down 0-15

But here’s my approach.

  1. Do 1 of 3 first 3 missions (I choose the shortest, pitching mission)

  2. do 1 of 3, 4-6 missions, one which gives you 2 points

  3. do 2 of 3, 7-9 missions, least time consuming

Going into final showdown down 7-15 I’ve been about 70% successful Requiring about 40-50 min of gameplay. Success relies greatly on perks received.

Conclusion is I will lose out on stubs by skipping so many missions but overall, XP/ success rate per hr played is greater then doing all missions and going into final boss at 1hr 10min (almost double the time) at 97% success rate.

If your up to it try doing just 3 missions for 5-6 runs but there’s a drastic % drop 9 runs to 10+ runs for me where it’s not quite worth the risk for me. Find your happy go lucky needed amount of runs


I suck, so I do all of the missions.


Ehh its definitely worth doing all of the moments just for XP


@the_dragon1912 I’m taking it as per hr played observation

If I played 1 hr, skipped all missions and just did the bosses (the main XP received) (not including final boss bc that time is obvious longer) I’d make more per XP per hr played then doing the missions 1 by one.

Think about it, I can skip and do boss 1 and 2 prob 8 times in an hour, almost definitely succeed on them without any better bats VS 1 hour of game play through 2nd boss on way to final boss.

Only thing is I’m losing out on stubs via skipping the missions to get there


I'm only average at best but I need every single run I can get before the final boss. I have went in down 7/9-15 and even though I put the pci on the ball with good timing a decent amount of the time it results in nothing but cans of corn or a routine double play if a runner is on 1st. My favorite is hitting into a double play where I squared on a ball up in the strike zone. But hen on the other end also when I go in down 12-15 it usually only takes 1 or 2 outs before I finish it with HRs not even touching the PCI. Lately I have been getting horrible drafts with no power lately as well.


Only 1 time I’ve ever been able to go into a showdown losing 15-0 and win. I don’t know how I did it. But I just play the whole thing through especially for stage 2 because it’s so much easier


@MLBTHEJOE i’m almost certain to get at least 2, many times 3, sometimes 4 HR’s in final showdown. If I can score 6 runs via HR most the time I can get at least 3 via small ball. I don’t like to stack my power hitters in the 3,4,5 spot instead I go for C = contact, P= most power on roster / c,c,p,c,c,p,c,c,p. This helps most HR’s to average 2 runs. I guess my goal is to get thru stage 2 as quickly as possible. Not looking to make the most stub profit from it, just time and XP