Is 7 considered Good?


Wanted to see if some people could try this. If your opponent gets rewarded with a blooper in a key/clutch or game changing moment and the feedback reads good/good..or positive...immediately check in batter Analysis if you have time.

Bases loaded two outs. He hits a oppo blooper to score two runs. Feedback reads "good/good" and I was like he couldn't have good timing on a pitch down the middle and hit oppo.

Paused analysis said " 7/ JL "

Is it possible for 7 to be good and Just Late be good?


I’m confused about this as well. Idk how many times I get good timing on a pitch down the middle only for it to be a ground ball to the second baseman


I used to think anything better than a 10 was good, and then I started paying closer attention to my out ratings and now realize that 12s and 13s are typically in your PCI, but not really centered, but not edged. 14 is touching the center and 15 is dead center anything less than 12 is poor PCI placement when I am grading myself, so I usually evaluate my performance against my opponent on balls in the strike zone with 12+ ratings and good timing. If I am more than double or triple my opponent and not winning by a landslide, that is an anomaly.