What is your BR strategy?


Mostly asking regular 12 win guys here. Do you go hitting heavy? Pitching heavy? Starters or relievers? More balanced? Just find glitchy guys?

I just had my first 12-1 last night and had 2 silver SP, 2 silver and two gold RP, 2 diamond and 1 gold hitters, the rest of my lineup silver and bronze. Just trying to find the best draft strategy. Thanks for any suggestions!


Definitely hitting heavy and you do need a good bullpen as always. This year I'd suggest get 2 or 3 decent starters as well, don't just look at overalls and attributes but pay attention to pitch speed differentials. Since it's on All-Star you'll most likely not strike out a bunch of guys, so you're gonna have to try and induce weak contact.

Long story short in priorities:

  1. Batters
  2. Bullpen
  3. A few decent starters
  4. A pinch runner
  5. 2 decent PH preferably a LHB and a RHB

I try not to lose, but it rarely works out

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