Questiin about TA Exchanges


I decided to just 'bite the bullet' and buy the 150K stub package.

Gonna use them towards TA exchanges.

Now it looks like I can get about 50K in exchange for around 4000-4500 worth of stubs.

That gets me 10pts, which gets me the team's stadium and 4 NS LS cards.

For an extra 4K, I can get to 20pts which gives me an Icon and 2K back.

So it would cost around 6K to get to 20ts on all 30; which would equal about 180K (which I'll have).

Would it be better to do one Exchange per team, to get the TA Packs; then start on the additional exchange?

Or just get to 20 per team and knick out as many as I can?

Edit: Also, I have a feeling another stub sale is around the corner. If I wait till then to buy the stubs; do the Silvers jump as much as the Diamonds?


Team affinity packs are usually pretty good, they have cooled for me, but still usually pull a gold out of every six.


I would just try and complete the ones that have cards you want for now personally. No need to rush to complete them all


you're better off picking 3 or 4 you want and focus on those.


Well, I messed up a little. Started with the Yankees and got them up to 20pts. Then I jumped over to the rest of the AL East and got them each to 10. If I would've stayed wuth my original plan; I'd have Torres now. Oh well, to each his own.

(The reason I wanted to do up to 10 for all 30 was to get those non sellable packs out if the way that way I could lock them in towards the team's collection; so if I pulled a Silver elsewhere, I could just sell it if it was a dupe.

Im still sitting on a potential 90K landfall when I decide to sell Verlander.

Does anyone know if a stub sale inflates Bronze and Silver cards?