Roster Help - A bit outdated in the game


I got back into playing the show 19 after not playing it for 3 months so I'm a bit outdated as far as what new players play well and what players didn't age well. Here so far is my roster and I have about 400k stubs to work with for upgrades. Few notes: I still have yet to complete the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th inning programs so feel free to make suggestions for what players to choose. My main targets for improvements are rotation, bullpen, 3B, and SS.

Starting Pitchers:

  • 99 SS Clayton Kershaw
  • 99 Finest Gerrit Cole
  • 99 SS Bob Gibson
  • 99 SS Nolan Ryan
  • 95 SS Adam Wainwright


  • 89 HW Rollie Fingers
  • 85 AS Mark Melancon
  • 87 AS Zach Britton
  • 86 AS Roberto Osuna
  • 91 AS Greg Holland
  • 95 SS Wade Davis
  • 99 Finest Kirby Yates

1B: 99 SS Lou Gehrig
2B: 99 SS Roberto Alomar
SS: 99 SS Cal Ripken Jr.
3B: 99 SS George Brett
LF: 99 SS Ken Griffey Jr.
CF: 99 SS Ichiro Suzuki
RF: 99 SS Tony Gwynn


  • 99 SS Frank Thomas
  • 96 SS Jason Kendall
  • 99 SS Josh Donaldson
  • 95 HW Bryce Harper
  • 93 LS Cody Bellinger

Dam sun that's a god squad