They should have put rewards at 130 & 140 for Stage 2 of the Team Affinities


It's a small gripe but it sucks that once you unlock the Stage 2 Future Stars Team Affinity reward card for any team, you're not getting any incentive to use them further if you're close to getting the +5 points for using players on that team. Basically, those points will just go into nothing and you start over from 0/250 innings.

There's an easy fix for this, either freeze the team innings that count towards those points until Stage 3 comes out, or once you hit 249/250 innings, just have it freeze there until Stage 3 releases.



Yeah, not the best system, any player I don’t want but will unlock eventually I plan on waiting until the next phase is out and getting my extra points in full.

If I’m 49/50 and do an exchange I’m 50/50 but if I do it during phase 3 I’ll be 9/50 on the next part so might as well, I haven’t liked many of them yet anyways.