For the last two years I have played this game thinking this was just a glitch and maybe it was just something I was imagining. In my second at bat of a game I beat out a infield grounder. A nice little message pops up that says I have been replaced due to injury. I don’t pay any attention and I just sim the game the rest of the way out. Not only was I not replaced...I ended up hitting not one, but two homers and driving in five runs. After the game I was placed on the 60 day injury list with a pulled/torn calf muscle. I have pulled a calf muscle in real life. Not only would I not be able to hit a home run I would barely be able to walk. Earlier in the year I had a blister on my finger ( I am a second baseman what does a blister have to do with anything) and I was replaced only to get two more hits. Am I a robot that can play out the game and then cry like a little girl after the game or is this a major glitch that hasn’t been fixed.
While I am at it...why does this game still have runners taking out the second baseman on a double play? I mean they are low shouldering me on simple double plays. Also, does anyone at SDS own a physics book? If a pitcher throws a 95 mph fastball up and away barely in the strike zone and I am early/late on it...the catcher should not be able to stand up out of their crouch and catch the ball on top of the plate. This has happened six time in the last two weeks.
I love the game but they have some issues that they either don’t want to fix or they can’t fix