Starting an 8-team custom league / Rules in Forum

  • 2 Spots filled (Cardinals, Mets) / 6 more spots available
    Active Players Only

  • Max Team Overall: 85 (No draft, whatever players you want, have to use same roster for the duration of the season)

  • Hitting Difficulty: All-Star

  • Pitching Difficulty: All-Star

  • Guess Pitch: Off

  • Quick Counts: Off

  • Balks: Off

  • Umpire Accuracy: Perfect

  • Umpire Close Plays: On

  • Postseason Teams: 4

  • Games per series: 3

  • Games per post season round: Best of 3

  • Games in World Series: Best of 5

  • Designated Hitter: On

First 6 people to text me preferred team and gamer tag at 918-688-4819 are in


Just FYI. This will get you banned quick


Or you can message me on PSN