Lack of Player Focus.


I have noticed that, in this game and many other sports game where you create a player and take that long road to becoming a legend in the respective sport the game tends to lose focus of the actual player..

I honestly feel that there should be completely different audio for the RTTS, MyPlayer, etc story lines.

I play pitcher and I feel that the game hardly speaks about my player. Other than the intro of home games when i take the mound. Commentary is focused on the batters, or team. Not much talk about me being drafted, my way up from AA, TO AAA THEN TO MLB. Being traded, impeccable state line. Just minimal speak here and there. I think I've done 1 interview with the media and I'm almost done with my 2nd season.

There is soo much more they should have added to the feature of the game.


There used to be a ‘prospect spotlight’ at the beginning of each calendar month before each game where Matt introduces another commentator (EK?) who talked at length about your RTTS player.. Must be gone now, haven’t seen it for years. That was cool, although I always thought it should have been about a well performing prospect rather than your player every time so that getting mentioned was an honour.