Idea for hitting


Give each hit type a percentage of resulting in a hit.

Perfect-Perfect = 90%
Good- Squared = 70%
Good-Good = 50%
Good- OK = 30%

Everything else = 15%

If players knew what they were working with instead of everything being RNG, it might lessen the frustration. For example: If I get a Good-Good I know I have a 50% chance of it being a hit. So if I get 4 Good-Good swings during an inning and I get 2 hits out of it, I’m Okay with that because I know the odds.


That’s still RNG. The numbers rolled are based off a percentage

And do you really think a good/ok result should be a .300 hitter? HOF numbers for making ok contact, I don’t think so buddy lol


I think There’s too many variables for this to work. An early/good result at the polo grounds probably shouldn’t have the same chance to be a hit as it would in Oakland, for example. Also, the defensive alignment and players should have something to say about it. I would like them to post BA for results somewhere, maybe for each RS division?