I just had one of the most satisfying wins in my entire career of DD (since MLBTS 15)... This guy had Newhouser on the mound, I had Kluber. He had a perfect game with Hal through 7 and a third. I finally break that up with a base-hit up the middle. He also had 18 Ks with Newhouser. Absolutely dominating me on the mound with Hal. Oh, and Newhouser just got to yellow stamina at 127 pitches in the 9th innning. On the other hand, I was taking care of business with Kluber going 7 shutout innings allowing just two hits. I pinch hit for him with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 8th, but couldn't come through.

So, the satisfying part of this win came from this guy bunt dancing... every. single. batter. From the first batter of the game to the final out, he would not stop doing it. I didn't do any sort of retaliation, because I wanted my retaliation to be winning this game. He brings in Hader in the 10th and I say to myself "Oh great, here's another 6 strikeouts coming my way!". First batter Hader faces, Eddie Mathews in the 10th inning and I hit a bomb to take the lead. Then, I hit another with Gary Sanchez (who I brought in off the bench for the first time in a very long time) to go up 2-0. And yes, I watched every single replay. I NEVER watch replays but it just felt wrong not to in this particular situation. The second homer with Sanchez proved to be huge as my opponent did take me deep with Giambi in the bottom of the 10th. To be honest, I was a little cheesy myself by bringing in Chris Sale to face his left handed-heavy lineup for the last two innings.

Also, after winning this game it brought me into CS for the first time this year (820)! Pretty happy about that, but I see no possible scenario that I make WS this season. I'd probably have to win every game from now until I made it, which seems unlikely considering I just struck out 20 times against this guy. PCI was the size of an ant. These types of wins make me love playing this game, especially with no real baseball and excitement right now. If by any chance my opponent reads this, good game man... it really was, but you gotta stop bunt dancing!