I suck!


Im really at my wits end with this game online. Idk what it is, but im not seeing the ball or timing it like i was last year. Ive been playing dd online since mlb 16, and ive never been this bad. I feel completely lost right now. Im 32-21, but i played three games tonight, two losses where i got outscored 19-2 and struck out 33 times. 33 strikeouts! I AVERAGED maybe 5 strikeouts a game last year. I wasnt crushing the ball, but at least i was making contact. ‘19 was frustrating, but also fun for me. I knew that i could work the count every ab and still get the ball in play even behind in the count. Thats completely gone this year. I feel like im starting from scratch. Even in my one win, a 2-0 game, i struck out 8 times. I feel so helpless and hopeless, and idk what to do. It got to the point where i even went back to ‘19 to try a rs game, but i couldnt find one.


if you play on a tv get a monitor


They upped the fastball speed this year. It was long overdue. I'm "struggling" the same way you are.

  1. You shouldn't feel hopeless over a game
  2. Striking out isn't that big of a deal - ask some of the highest paid players in the game
  3. You have to recognize your opponents pitch pattern in the first 3 innings and adapt for the next 6.

That said, I'm like 23-13 and at 734. I have never made WS and I doubt I do it this year, the hardest of years to hit a fastball.

All the best and yea get a monitor if this game is life.