Adonis Medina


Any types on facing him in the last battle for the 3rd Inning Showdown?


Yes score more than 15 runs


The curve is evil, but he'll hang it occasionally, sinker breaks a ton -hard to get pci on,but he'll throw it middle in and middle away a lot- those are very hittable.


Stack lineup with lefties. Once your able to get a few runs across he’ll start hanging the curve then it makes it much easier


I played it the other day (failed, FWIW) and I thought he was really bad- all over the place. Threw a lot of balls. I don't know if that's consistent, but if so I'd say to be patient and take the walks.


I beat him. But barely. Had 2 outs left.

Squad full of lefties and I didnt get a runner on base until I used up 5 outs.

He seemed to throw EVERYTHING in the zone for those first few batters.

Ended up scoring 3 rubs on a 3 run homer by LS Heyward to make it 15-12.

Then I got 3 straight hits to load the bases and got over confident as I had IV Chipper up and swung at GARBAGE. Ended up striking out on 4 straight pitches the wouldve balls; thus walking in a run.

Next batter I just set down my controller an he walked him in to make it 15-13.

Next batter grounded into a double play, but I scored 2 runs to make it 15 all with 8 outs left.

Next 4 batters popped out. Got a base hit with LS Didi and subbed in Rookie Eric Davis.

Bunted him to second. Stole 3rd. Then with 3 outs left FOTF Soto came up.

But a low sinker that flew out to the warning track and Davis tagged up to win it.


Aren’t they all on Veteran? Just sit middle middle and x swing when it’s fairly close.