My Submitted Feedback


Here is a copy of what I submitted to SDS from my findings so far. Let me know if I missed anything.


-Timing window, yikes. Same swing can be very late, very early, seems nearly impossible to time pitches correctly, especially in 800-900 when pitch speeds increase.

-Hitting sinkers is almost impossible up in the zone. A 95 mph sinker SPEEDS UP as it gets to the plate. It's the fastest pitch in the game. I'll be more late on a 94 mph sinker up than a 100mph fastball. Just can't happen.

Hitting Clutch -- this has to be where the infamous comeback logic comes from. It's so obvious that you force big hits late in game. I've blow 7 run leads in the 9th and almost every time, no matter the score, the opponent or myself always miraculously come back. I just walked off on a pci placement that had no business going over the wall, but Juan Soto's clutch factor had enough muscle and RNG to get it there I guess.

Bunting -- getting out of hand with the 95+ speed guys.

-Check swings are ridiculous and hurting the skill of pitching. There needs to be some sort of incentive with getting guys to chase out of the zone. They should not be able to CONSISTENTLY check swing at the last second because they realize they were about to chase a pitch out of the zone. Trust me, I get it, and I don't expect every check swing to be a called strike, but it needs to happen WAY more. It seems like plate discipline is irrelevant, so make it relevant. This also takes away from the pitchers ability to get people out. So many times I fight through an at bat as a pitcher and the hitter check swings himself to 3-2 and then all of the sudden starts fouling off everything I paint on the corners. After 10 pitches, I make the slight mistake with placing my pure analog pitch perfectly and the ball hangs. You need to reward pitchers and allow them to get guys out without blowing a 102mph fastball by them or hoping the contact is weak. This just can't happen, which brings me to my next point.

Pitching control -- I mean this is all over the place. I understand that there is an element of randomness even with perfectly timed pitches, but the slight misses are WAY to big of misses in my opinion, especially with low pitches. It is nearly impossible to locate off speed pitches low in the zone. Need to make the misses smaller, especially in higher difficulties.

Pitch animations (speed of windup/arm speed) -- this is one of the most frustrating aspects of playing against a Kluber as his windup and arm speed is so slow, but his sinker comes in at 98 mph and because it's a sinker, it's seems like it's coming in a 500mph. Trying to time off speed pitches against a guys arm moving as fast as a 12 year old little league pitchers arm speed, when it comes in significantly faster than physics can explain is throwing everyone off.


-Delay with button-based base running. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

Fielding -- What's up with my outfielders fielding the ground ball like their taking infield practice while someone is rounding third? The animation is the slowest thing I've ever seen.


Yeah, pretty good. I’ve been sending this feedback since March, plus video evidence a lot of the time, along with everyone else here. Thanks for playing though, no prizes today.