Silver 1 Pick


Know I'm slow and there are a lot of posts on this. I'm a first year DD player and feel like I've built a good squad but wanted to see any input based on what I have as im struggling to choose and perhaps people have experience with these cards. I have:

C-87 Gary
2b-FOTF Torres
3B-Ed Mathews
Of- Soto, Trammell, Carter

Ive been leaning Posey, Jackson, Sandberg.

From what I understand, Posey seems a good pick because a better C is unlikely to come along. Is he a solid move up from Gary?

Reggie really entices me with his hitting, but I hear Of gets crowded though im not sure ill ever get Trout, mantle, etc. Also if I take him have to either sell Carter or move him to 1b, Gorman to 3b and Mathews out. Bat looks menacing though...

Sandberg seems like an overall upgrade from Torres, from what I've read also an endgame type player at 2B, but seems less exciting to me.

Thanks for any input on the squad!


It looks like Posey may be a great pick for most unless you plan on doing the AL Collection soon as I don't think there will be too many catchers better than Craig Biggio or Buster Posey very early on considering we got the Ivan Rodriguez in the Evolution pack and Mike Piazza as the Dodgers collection reward.

I would consider Reggie Jackson in your situation as you have the consensus "elite" options at 1B, 2B, 3B, and SS.