Gold 1 Choice Recommendations


I am struggling with this choice. I took Sandberg at Silver (very happy with him). The plain was to take Reggie, as I was working to close out the AL to get Biggio first. However, after a few good NL diamond pulls, I closed out the NL first. I really want Reggie, but I think Posey is the smarter pick. And...I have really been hitting well with FF Juan Soto (didn't expect that either). I do tend to hit better with lefties over the last 2 years. Thoughts?

Cather: Piazza/Pudge (if chose Reggie, will start MP...and pinch hit for him at some point every game to go to Pudge to finish)
1B: Stargell
2B: Sanberg
3B: Arenado
SS: Didi
LF: Soto (89)
CF: Bellinger
RF: Sheffield



Take Reggie and dont think twice about it. Dude RAKES!


I took Reggie Jackson as my Silver 1 choice and while I don't love him yet, he does get some insane exit velocity. It just hasn't translated to a ton of production for me.

In my case, I narrowed the choice down to Reggie Jackson or Barry Larkin. It sounds like Larkin isn't as good as I thought he'd be, but I still think I'm going to take him the next time around. I just unlocked Didi Gregorius earlier today so maybe he'll change my mind before I hit Gold 1.