I'm not the greatest player of this game (current universal profile attributes below), I even quit '20 earlier this year and had to go back to '19 and learn how to play again or something. I'm at Silver XP level 66 and have been a casual player of mostly RTTS and Franchise over the past 10 years or so, since '09 Victorino originally shelled my pitching. This is the first year I've gotten into DD from the release of the game and tried somewhat to keep up.

That being said, I just finished the 3rd Inning Showdown with legit Zero problem and hardly any adversity. I went into the final showdown tied 15-15 with 20 outs to go.

The 1st Inning Showdown destroyed me, and was so brutally hard I did not get very far all of the times I attempted it. I have not attempted yet the 2nd Inning Showdown, because I already had my 300 points for that program by the time it ended.

I also pulled a diamond Baez and Bregman in the past like 7 days. I am on fire!

hitting difficulty 0/5
vision 53 power 53 contact 57
pitching difficulty 2/5
BB/9 57 K/9 64 H/9 56