3rd Inning Bosses


Decided to sell off all 3 of my 2nd Inning Bosses. Got 110K for them. Did that because I've noticed that Chipper has dropped to around 120K and by the time I got him; he would be under 100K.

Not worth it to rush to 300. Now I can take my time.

Anyway, now comes the question of when I do hit 300, do I sell whoever is worth more or juat take someone?

If I would take someone; it could be Roberts.

I have Prospect Lux there now and probably righr now the only better 2ns basemen would be Sandberg.

Would you play Roberts over either one of them?

If I took/kept Roberts; I could lead off with him and Larkin.


If you waited a week you could have got him for 30k


@the_dragon1912 said in 3rd Inning Bosses:

If you waited a week you could have got him for 30k

Got who? I havent bought anyone yet.

I planned on grinding the hell out of the game this weekend, to get to 225 as fasy as possible, to see if locking in the 2nd Inn Bosses for the final 74 Stars was worth it.

When I decided to try, Chipper was listed for around 210K. Now I know that I wouldn't get that much for him; but was aiming for around 150K.

Since it took me OVER 8 Hrs to finish the 3rd Inn Conquest Map (only thing I did besides Innings Dailies); as of 2am EST this morning; I was at 55 Stars.

At that time there were about 5-6 Chippers that were already sold. He was down to around 150K.

Knowing that it could take me another 5-6 hours to get close to 225 Stars; I figueed Chipper would be around 120-100K by that time.

So technically I would lock in 120K in stubs to get a card to sell for 120K in stubs. Not worth it.

So I sold my three 2nd Inn Bosses and will eventually get to 300 stars without locking anyone in.

Thats when I'll have to decide if I want to take whoever is worth the most and sell. Or just take Roberts and keep him.