I for one am tired of facing the same 3 pitchers every game, yes the real big 3 Kluber - Oswalt - Newhouser ! Everyone knew that Bob Feller is trash and not many ppl have played with him online, faced him once in about 60 RS games since he was sold on the market. I really would like to see SDS start rolling out some sick pitching cards, not just in headliners, but maybe a moments, I swear I cannot take facing kluber in 3 of the 4 games I play a day - The main problem is they made real live series cards 💎 really unusable. I mean FFS Stras was insane last year in the playoff run and he is like hitting batting practice, flaherty same deal! Cole who should be aN ENDGAME pitcher is horrible. I love this game though - content is great and what they did for the April POTM program was really fun for free cards.. glasnow can’t use online though, no slider and no sinker