There will never be a perfect way to have the timer in the game. I have no idea when it resets for me, for my opponent, why it does, why it doesn't, etc... Last night it burned me in an uncontrollable situation. I have two small kids. I don't get a lot of time to play the game. So when I get my maybe one or two hours at night, every inning I play means something as I try to advance in the game. I enjoy the grind of any game and elect to not spend money any additional money on it.

I'm playing a RS game, one win away from finally advancing out of All-Star. Low scoring game a little more than halfway through, I'm down 2-1. I'm at-bat and I hear my son wake up and come out of his room, so I pause, run up there and help him get back to bed. Come back and there is a little over a minute left on my timer. The game continues on, I tie it up, he gets up again. Same thing, I hit pause, go up there, get him back in bed, come down, 30 seconds left on my clock. Now I get a guy on second, same thing, and of course the timer runs out. When I eventually get back my opponent had taken the victory like pretty much anyone would have. But that fncking sucks.

Games are long, my time is limited and in the end I get punished for having kids ha.

End rant.