Hey sds wanted to start by saying love your content but it has been a big struggle in gameplay this year. Much like last year there has been many inconsistent ab where good good good squared up or perfect perfect now are turning into lignouts, groundouts, or routine fly balls. When 20 first launched the hitting was the best ive ever seen it where perfect perfect ligners would fall short of fielders or be hr and good good or good squared up would have a higher chance of turning into something promising. Its been really dissapointing and very discouraging trying to play the game and compete to try and earn rewards online and offline since the hitting patch that myself and many others in the comunity believe we didnt need. I know it has been hard on your end to try and make things happen working from home throughout this pandemic and I thank you for your hard work and for trying to make improvements. The other batting issue I see is how often good ok has been popping up in the feedback when a ball can be dead center of the pci or at least completely in the middle where it is solid yellow n we really need to have a change there. Thank you for hearing me out and i hope you all can take this into consideration. I also wanted to throw out there that the al kaline missions are rediculous with how the card performs but it is very kind of you to have honored him and put him in the game after his unfortunate passing. Thank you all again and hope to see positive improvements in the near future.