What up everyone. Shut out to the average players lol. Any who been playing the AL Kaline mission where you have to tally 2 hits and 1 extra base hit in one game. I get the extra base hit 1st down line get to 2nd easily does not Count. 2nd One I hit the Gap get to 2nd easily but yet again doesn’t Count. What the hell is wrong with this game. Lol I play conquest always at All-Star or Hall of fame. On hall of fame Against teams like Twins, Brewers, Nationals, and few other good teams beat them no problem. Lol but take on bad teams like O’s, Blue jays, and other bad team on all-star and Hall of fame. These teams turn into the late 90’s Yankees. Why do I give up more jam hits on just late/early and very late/early jammed hits. Yes, RNG also against me to a point where I believe there is no skill gap in this game. If it is there it’s not a very big skill gap. My last ranked season game I rage quit in the 4th only at 1-0 deficit was going to be 2-0. I quit because my opponent get the Gap Cargo gets there lol and instead of picking up the ball when I run to the ball. He proceeds to do like 5 laps around the ball Allowing the base runner with 6 speed to 3rd. He scores that run, and later in the same game the ball is hit to my Silver fielding CF. I have him right under the ball cursor and I get animation where he ducks out the way. Two batters later he hits a line drive on good Pitch and good timing by him. At the moment I had enough of this game nonsense for the day.