Online Pro Gaming Leagues (OPGL) is recruiting



I recently started an initiative to bring the best of competitive gaming to MLB The Show. At OPGL our goal is to provide our players the best online sim experience possible. What does that mean to you?

  • No DD cheese

  • Players who love and respect the game

  • Players who want to play in the best atmosphere for online gaming

Best part about it, it's completely free!

Currently we are operating via discord, so you will need to have a discord account. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • DD and Non Draft (Live Roster) Leagues

  • Tournaments (HRD, DD and Live Roster Tournaments)

  • Website (currently in development)

  • Opportunity to grow your game and your online streaming

If you are interested, you can reply here and or shoot me a message on PSN (T-MAN-13-RHP).

Hope to have you on board!


This is the most legit setup I have found yet. Still waiting for my opportunity to get into a league with this organization, but wanted everyone to know that If you are looking for a place where things are orderly with a responsive leader... this is the place to go.