1.It seems to me as a below avg player I have more time to see all of what happens during a game or a segment that a great player wouldn't.
This is for the little guys not the big boppers and top players u wouldn't notice because u don't struggle enough at the game to even see it so stand in the back and be quiet for a minute.
2.Check swings are broken
You check a ball outside the zone I find more often than not it's a strike anyway cause you guy can't hold the swing supposedly.
When it's in the zone and going to be a strike same said guy decides I can check it and hold it for a strike anyway as I said broken.

3.It always seems to me the PCI can't move fast enough the ball is just inside the top of the PCI or the bottom part of the PCI thus dealing with a lot of roll overs liners for outs pop ups for outs but my swing indicator (so-called as it is) says good/good,good/okay but all for nothing.

4.Perfect liners perfect ground ball perfect pop up all have been outs for about 85% for me I don't know about anyone else but I have lost games due to late good early ok on HR's so the swing indicator is broken also I think.

5.The fielding attributes were suppose to matter how exactly?
I can't have 54 fielding and be on ESPN top 10 for making Mike Trout plays in the outfield and gosh forbid with a 53 arm throw from the corner on a rope to gun down a 58 speed guy going for 2nd.Show me the logical real baseball stats on that % I want to see it for myself.Not every player has a cannon as the game would have you believe.

Crappy bronze pitchers dotting is horrible yet my gold to diamond pitcher on perfect/good perfect/perfect serves up a bowl of Capt.Crush it.

I try not to complain or quit when getting pounded but these things need to be fix addressed or a simple FU we're not gonna change it so play it and shut up or quit..The ones who are good always tell the little guy to quit crying get good practice.Sure when u don't struggle it's easy to say but also remember it's not the best players that keep this game moving it's the guys who can't afford or win every top card in the game.The blue collar people and there are many like this country there are more crappy players who buy the game than the top say 500 players out of over 1 million people who buy it.
5.I don't mid losing just give me a fair chance to play the game and if I lose due to skill fine but when it's set up for certain situations to fail that's where I have a problem and Showdown is a perfect example of that.

Sorry for the rant but I love the game but no one said I had to like everything about how it plays..