1. Ability to lower the field. Not elevation above sea level, but elevation relative to the surrounding landscape to allow a ground level first concourse and a sunken field.
  2. Ability to "terraform" the land around the field. Raise/Lower elevations, Add rivers/ponds.
  3. Scenery- Add more options for backgrounds and distant backgrounds, like Forest and Residential . Residential would have houses, schools, etc.
  4. Control Fine Tuning. Allow the use of the d-pad for small adjustments to elevation, distance, and spin for props.
  5. Allow for different foul ground and bullpen configurations- Could be standard like the outfield wall config options.
  6. Allow for the scaling down of props by %. Reduce seating & scale for lower level/minor league ballparks
  7. Allow for the configuration of custom stands props- Elevation, Rows, Seats/Row
  8. Create "dugout connector" props. Sections of seating that can integrate the seating behind and around the dugout with the main seating props.
  9. Park Ratings: Hitter's Park vs Pitcher's Park based on foul ground, distances, seating configuration and likely wind effects, Elevation.