Offline the game does play amazingly well. Eliminate the vrs human equation you got yourself a baseball game. Online is over rated .


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And just now I had another game where I was in the rare position of being better than my opponent. Then with one out, flukey bloop single, followed by a groundball that my diamond shortstop lets roll through his legs for a single, another flukey bloop single, then what is rapidly becoming SDS' favorite way to punish the player they want to lose I throw a breaking ball in the dirt that he has chased and missed multiple times and just as it is about to hit the dirt he golfs it to the wall in dead center 400 feet away.

SDS you are a corrupt company and I DARE you to prove me wrong.

This forum is filled with fictional accounts of games. Massive exaggeration, I'm sure. Have video to prove this?

For me, online competitive is way too RNG...there IS cheating with Zen etc...and I don't want to have to practice at a video game to git gud.

I understand your frustration, but just stop playing online. It's not worth it.


Well, I won' get into a debate about if I am exaggerating or not, and I am only playing online because for the show 20 I still have a ton of cards to get that require me to play online. Unfortunately, because I am a weak hitter, and on those rare occasions where I get the lead the other guy quits it will take me 3 times longer than a normal player to complete everything.


Ive built a pretty darn good squad playing Conquest and vrs CPU . Feel free to take a look at profile and lineup. Just view game history , box score.Got almost every top player there is and played 30 ranked games all year . Zero Battle Royale No mini season , no moments , no showdowns.No events. All that stuff is over rated. I play Ranked Season like its an exhibition game to see how bad the cheating is. Online I rather play Online rated. Matchups are better cheating is less.That is of course my opinion but like I said I got the goons and I earned them.