I’ve noticed since the last update that there have been strange de-sync issues when playing co-op.

Some examples of issues I have seen:

  1. Different weather appearing for teammates. It will look like high noon in my game but for my teammate(s) it will be evening/night.

  2. Location of of where fly balls land are different. Have had 2 occasions where this happened. In one game the ball looked like it was going to land in the grass in the outfield for me, but for my teammate, it looked like it was going to bounce off the wall. He was very confused when the balled ended up bouncing over the wall for a ground rule double. Another instance is when I hit a ball that hit the outfield wall, but for my teammate he saw it as a home run.

  3. Typical de-sync issues where a wild pitch looks like it goes past the catcher to the backstop, but for the other team, they actually blocked it.