Possible additional search filters?


Hopefully, SDS see this and it could be implemented one day. I would like to see some additional search filters when browsing my collection. Mainly...

  • In-Game - ability to only show duplicate cards. This filter is available in the app and on the web.
  • In-Game/Web/App - ability to show single cards that are not locked into collections or marked as "NO SALE".

It would make going through the entire collection a whole hell of a lot faster to list or quick sell those cards.

And maybe even add a function when you open packs that gives you the ability to add the card to the collection if you don't already have it? That would be a good one, too!


I'd love to be able filter out cards from my inventory that can't be sold. A simple check box below the ownership drop down is all that it would take and it'd be a huge benefit.