April POTM - Stage 1 Question


Kinda new here and I know people are complaining about not being able to complete the 10 pts for getting the 2,000 XPs with April Topps Now players if they already locked them in.

My question is: I heard that you can buy some diamonds off the market and use them to get those 10 points. But I already have some "Topps Now" players, why can't I use those? So I'm confused as to which players to buy off the market that would count?



I finished Stage 1 without buying any cards. When you finish the moments, you'll have all the cards you need for the required collection. You'll only earn 65 points instead of 92, but you'll have the cards and finish Stage 1.

Edit: I did the Topps Now moments to get the cards, I haven’t looked to see if those are the same as the April Stage 1 moments, but I think they are.