Why I don't play Diamond Dynasty ONLINE


I love baseball and I love this game.

I have been purchasing MLB The Show games every year.

But here is the reason I don't play DD online or any online games.

  • Reason #1: The pitching is so slow due to I think online lag. The pitching is about 1/3 of the actual OFFLINE pitching speed. The pitching velocity is much more realistic when playing in another game mode OFFLINE. (Can this be fixed or am I missing something?)
  • Reason #2: You CAN'T change the batting view camera when batting to broadcast or something similar to how you watch a baseball game on tv. All of these different camera angles are available when playing OFFLINE so why can't they be available when playing ONLINE?

I would love to play ONLINE and build my DD team to compete with the world but these things are such a deterrent for me that it takes the fun out of the game.

Can these settings be changed?

SD Studios PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix these issues so we can all have a much better online experiene.

Thank you!

  1. Because of lag pitches come in faster online at the same difficulty level. At the very least you have less time to react if it isn't actually faster.
  2. I've seen that pitchers tip what they are going to throw if you can see from behind them so they don't allow it. You also can't use a custom view because people could create one and play at a stadium/time where only they could see the pitch coming in


Dude let’s get you to play some online if you said you would love to build a team and compete

You’ll wish you started sooner