Unfrozen Freeze Off


So I was playing a RS game earlier. Top 9 im winning 3-1. The game freezes. I had already been playing for a while so I just let it sit there. An hour or so passes I did some stuff around the house and it’s still frozen. So I went to the gym, grocery shopping and came back to see the game in the postgame menu and I lost 4-3. No “lost connection” nothing. Has this ever happened to anyone? Feels like my opponent (who kept messaging me) froze it on purpose and then somehow had the ability to unfreeze it is my only explanation. Ridiculous.


I have had one freeze off become unfrozen years ago. It’s nothing on either end, nothing about consoles, it’s about the dev team and servers.

I did find it hilarious that after a couple minutes on my phone looking on here the game unfroze and [censored] sandwich321 down however many was still sitting there ready to quit right after he saw me.

I usually wait a minute then have a smoke and just quit and play again. I couldn’t tell you how often they unfreeze but your opponent was almost certainly sitting there waiting for his chance.