Feature Update (the-show-zone.com) - Player Comparison/Similarity, Prospects Collections


Couple of pretty cool updates for the-show-zone.com I wanted to inform everyone of:

Player/Card Comparison Pages

  • Hitters
    I filtered the main table down to just hitters and removed all pitching attributes, so you can quickly be able to compare and contrast different hitters.
    Also, there is a spider web chart that appears at the top that compares all of the shown hitters and their respective CvL, CvR, PvL, PvR, and Vision attributes. Note these diagrams look 1000x better on desktop/tablet than on mobile.

  • Pitchers
    Same thing as the Hitters page, but for pitchers...
    The spider web chart at the top compares all of the shown pitchers and their respective per-9 attributes.
    Note - I do realize there is currently a filtering issue with the pitcher positions. It's completely random and driving me crazy, but I'll find a way to resolve it in time.

  • Similarity Scores
    The perfect page for you bargain-hunters out there! I created a massive matrix that compares each card to one another from an attributes perspective and this table illustrates the Top 5 most similar cards to one another. I used to do this for myself before I had this website to find the cheaper options for cards that I didn't want to spend or lock-in a lot of stubs for.
    The smaller the number, the better. I've found if it's less than 40 or so, the cards are pretty similar. If you find some down close to 10 or so, they're almost identical. Right now with not having a ton of the elite cards released, some of the higher-level cards might not have a good comparison (especially within their own position group) but that will change as more cards are added to the game.
    One of the more interesting finds from this page for me so far is how similar the 95 AS Willie McCovey from the XP Reward Path is to the Yankees collection Giambi.


  • Live Series Collection
    I added the reward for each of the collections to the right of the costs, so you can now see exactly who you would be getting for each collection.

  • Prospects Collection
    Knowing that Prospects Set 3 and a new collection reward is coming tomorrow, they are probably correlated, so I established this page now. I'll be updating tomorrow once the new packs and rewards are released.


Awesome that you do this, man. Really good work 👍


Thanks for doing this. Really appreciate the work.