Dumb CPU Logic


As I continue my Ballplayer programs playing in RTTS...

In the thirteenth game of the very first season of AA and only the 8th game my ballplayer has played as 1B (only 4 HR at this time), I hit a single (0 RBIs) and a SB in the 1st inning, and then the three other PAs were all IBBs!

Seriously, a brand new AA player in his 8th game who only has 4 HRs is going to get the Bonds treatment??? While at the same time, my team decides I will only play 2 out of the 3 games each series???

And then the team sits me out for the next two games for no reason?!? Then another game getting an IBB in the 2nd inning!!! C'mon SDS!


No one cares go post in RTTS - we have our own problems in Diamond Dynasty lol