Finest Collection Question


So I did the program and got all the divisions to 50 percent and I have all the Finest Cards from the Program Free Packs : 30 players.

When I try to collect the Finest collection, it shows you need a total of 45 players.

Where do I find the other 15 players to finish the collection? Do I have to buy players in marketplace or buy the Finest Sets or anyway to play (offline) to get these 20 Finest players?


They released packs leading up to TA5. Both are in the shop at 30k Stubbs per pack. Also several finest cards were awarded for various things in the past few months. Buster Posey player program , several finest flashbacks from inning programs and events. I’d suggest get the freebies , then buy off the market for however many you have left. Packs generally are a loss since at best you can only pull 45k cards by spending 30k

Edit: If you go to the collection screen , and inspect each card and RB all the way on the right it’ll show you the market cost of the cards you’re missing along with how to acquire them


You have to buy them in the Marketplace or wait for them to be re-released in the last Inning Program; if they decide to do such.