We have a lot of discussion about cards, swings, looks and attributes on this forum… So I was wondering what people thought about ultimate cards the DD version…

Every year they release bronze, silvers, flashbacks, live series, Topps now and so on for many of the players in the game..

What is was thinking would be an evolution program sort of like power ups in Madden( with out the training, the DD versions) where when you collect cards you collect different versions of players and you can pick things based upon each card.

For example Ken Griffey Jr… What if you by acquiring his rookie, breakout, veteran and whatever diamond versions they have of him, you could ultimately chose his look, which of his swings you want, which of his numbers he can wear, any position he played, which uniform he wears in his card art and so on for the ultimate version of him.

Take a pitcher like Chris Sale… You could pick whether he was a starter or reliever (if you pick reliever he should only have his RP stamina), if he is a white sock or red sock in his card art, his pitch load out and so on.

You can pick a guys look, like Sean Doolittle, his low pants A’s look or his high socks live series.

This way you can have the ultimate version of each player to how you feel..

Just a thought…