Wainright 7inn Moment and Play vs CPU


Has this been 'fixed'?

I've read some people get to the 7th inning in the Moment and after they bat (again, wtf do we need to bat as a pitcher?) it automatically fails the Moment.

Also, I've read that some people also aren't getting credit for beat the Cards in a 9 inning Play vs CPU game.

I have a feeling going to need to do these two missions to unlock this SS Wainright; since I'm done with online play.

I'm even debating if I need him.

I have everyone I want right now, but a 99 Aaron, a 99 Griffey, and a 99 Pedro. All of which I can probably just buy and not have to worry about assume online/offline missions.


Just get him for the inning program XP.


I was one and done with the 7 inning mission without freezing.

Then used Alex Reyes to get 10Ks online