Y’all what is happening with hitting?

No I NEVER use contact swing.

I’m squaring up ball after ball and everything is either lineouts or as if I’m hitting with a noodle bat. This makes no sense? Like a switch flipped and now I’m getting no hit by losing record players in freaking BR because I will lineout 8/9 times. I really don’t love complaining but this is insanely weird!

Maybe I just need to take a little break and come back but it’s been this way for 3 days straight now for me. If I sucked, I’d admit it but this is nothing to do with user input I promise you. Ugh frustrating. Sorry y’all.


Contact swing feels more rewarding again. I've had multiple RS games in the last 48 hours where power and regular swings are squared up (not perfect), but nothing falls. Contact swing HRs still plague this game. There isn't a balance. It's still use contact swing no matter what.

I get it. Contact swing HRs can happen. When the game is just determined by who hits the most HRs though...you're better off just gambling with contact swing rather than hoping your regular swings find a gap. It's basically September though, so nothing will change. This is the game they want to put out.