[Bug] Disconnecting controller does not allow other player to accept the forfeit


Hey so, currently in my own little freeze off right now waiting for this man to turn off his PS4.

1-0 game in Events and after striking him out at the bottom of the 2nd he disconnected his controller. I decided to wait it out but now I'm stuck on the warning screen saying,

"The other user has exceeded their time limit in the pause menu. Would you like to forfeit their game?

You may also continue to wait.
Square Yes"

Pressing square does not do anything. The game hasn't froze because I can still see the timer counting down at the top left of the corner. (I can see the shape changing, the screen blur from the warning does not allow me to see the actual time.)

Hopefully the developers can resolve this, if I would have to take a stab at what is happening. The disconnected controller screen probably has some code blocking user input, but possibly when the warning for forfeit comes up it was meant to re-enable user input. Maybe it was just overlooked and not added.


Hopefully you put this in the bug report section of the website also.