This is my second year playing MLB the Show (started midway with 20). I really love it, but have always struggled mightily with Showdown. Even when I only needed 1-3 runs, I seemed to have bad luck and a real hard time winning the final showdown, which made it the last mode I play since you can put in so much time and get little out of it.

FYI, I'm not a good hitter, playing majority offline. I like online, but I mainly focus on getting cards, so working on the conquests, etc. first.

So the other night, I needed the 35K XP from Showdown as my only hope to finish out the 3rd inning program before the deadline. I was doing well up to the first boss and didn't get past Snell. Then a second time, same thing, couldn't even get past Snell.

The third time, and probably the next to last chance I'd have to attempt the Showdown, I got past Snell on the first pitch. Yay. But then I stunk on the 2 run challenges, only getting the last one. So I went into the Showdown with only 6 runs, although I did have diamond Hero Time and Sparkplug.

Oh well, I thought, I'm going to go for it. I thought it was folly and I had no hope. But WTH, I'll see how it goes and try again the next night.

I did like people advise. For the first 10 or so outs, I waited until the second strike before I swung, trying to wear out Eck. By ten outs, I only had 2 runs and had hit into two double plays trying to protect the plate with 2 strikes.

But I stayed the course. Soon Eck was in the red and I hit a couple of 2 run dingers. Only four runs needed with about eight outs, and Eck had little energy or confidence. Then I got a solo HR, then another. He was on empty in both categories. Now I just needed two runs in four outs.

Then he walked two guys. I was in this. Had to avoid the DP. Got a couple of fly outs. Glaus at plate with 2 outs and Devers behind him. And lo and behold, Glaus hits it out and I win with a run to spare.

First time I've won a showdown needing more than three runs; first time I've even tried.

I'm still basking in the glory, hence me compelled to share this with you all who I'm sure win these a lot and quit reading after the first paragraph. But for those who don't, and those who hate showdown, I'm with you and here is my story of what is my best moment so far playing this game.