I suck


Back to playing offline for me lol. I dont understand why they allow directional hitting online. I dont understand how fastballs on allstar online are faster than legend vs cpu. Contact hitting is a joke, I gave it a try after reading what some of yall have said, and yeah its way op. Pinpoint is awesome until you play online and every pitch is right on the black every... single... time.

I knew I would struggle because this is the first year I'm using only zone hitting. but this experience just wasn't enjoyable. Maybe I'll git gud one day lol


It’s not fun even once you get good. Or so I’ve heard.


Pinpoint pitching has changed the game and, personally, I think for the better

It’s made pitching a viable skill and for those that rely on pitching more than hitting, im sure PPP has helped them be more competitive this year

As far as hitting? Yes, hitting is much harder this year given PPP and that pitch speeds seem a little faster

I try to keep my approach simple: anticipate fastball, react to offspeed and really focus on picking up the pitch from the pitchers release point

I will say, my overall batting average is down from last year so far but I’m sitting at 39-5 and have a blast playing online 9 times out of 10