Something off with the scale of the field?


Im not sure if its due to the needs of a video game or something to do with the necessities of ball size....or even maybe the hitting engine, but it seems as if, far too many line drives are caught, and are within reach of a stationary defender.

I believe its for this reason, contact/line drive hitters so underperform. Line drives should be producing the most runs per out according to available mlb hitting statistics, but it is definitely not the case, at least in my experience.

I understand its a video game and there is only so much can be accurately replicated, but since hitting is such a huge part of the game, and line drives should be the most successful form of hit, i think its something worth investigating.

My first inclination is to consider the scale of the field, and the possibility its just too narrow. That makes the lanes in which a line drive will pass through the infield much smaller than they should be.

Maybe the ball is bigger than is should be for visibility sake?

Maybe the ball isnt flying with the correct trajectory. One that would make it far more difficult to catch for a stationary 3rd or 1st baseman (the problem seems magnified down both base lines with ground balls far more likely to get past a defender than a line drive.....which is counter intuitive according to MLB stats).

Anyway, its nothing that ruins the game, its just a issue that i thought could use some investigating in the future. It might improve hitting in a way that would make a bigger variety of player cards relevant.

Thanks for your time.


Don't know if you're referring to online or offline play, but at the suggestion of another player here, I used replay to check on the CPU fielding line drives. I joked that they were probably running as I was swinging the bat. In fact, they don't do that, but what they do is get an incredible jump. They immediately run the correct route to the ball and can cut off liners really well, as we see during play.


Yep all the AI players regardless of rating run All Star elite level player routes to the ball.

You can see it coded with the precise AI slide and dive catches. Or just the way they perfectly choose to sprint, run, trot or walk to a hard hit liner. They adopt the perfect speed for the catch almost instantly.

AI fielding is way way too OP.