Wanted to play done Conquest so I boot up the PS4.

I log into The Show but do t realize, since I wasn't really paying attention, that I signed into the console under my son's account.

Got into DD, because I made him a team to use when he comes to visit; but since they're limiting the length of the Inning Programs, he probably won't play at all.

Anyway, I get right into DD and realize I'm under his account.

So I exit out of his account and sign into mine.

This took a matter of seconds. However, when I try to enter DD I'm now getting a server error.

How in the blue ,,,,, can I get into DD fine and 10-15;secs later I can't?

It's been two weeks with countless daily maintenance and you guys still can't figure out how your servers can't handle peak times.

EVERY DAY from 8pm to 11pm EST servers are trash.

Maybe instead of doing maintenance in the mornings; you guys should do it during these times? I jean we can't get on anyway so why not?