If they do, then why:

Did they not notice that, even on the PS4, you have to reload your Sounds of the Show playlist EVERY time you log into the game? Yes, they failed to save your selected songs.

After YEARS do the still have the lefty vs righty pitching stats BACKWARDS for pitchers when you look at their stats? Yes, those are backwards from what you see in the bullpen or when a reliever comes into the game.* And they've been backwards for years*

And why are there no lefty vs righty stats for hitters?

And why can't we see stamina for starters and benchers in the in-game substitutions menu? Gee, as managers, wouldn't knowing how fatigued a starter was help us make a decision about pinch hitting?

Surely, the unallocated dpad buttons when you're batting could be put to good use?

We can hit the square button in the pause menu in a game to bring up both team's current players. WHY can't we just "triangle button" on names there to see players' stats? Why send us through the stats tab and select team, select pitchers or hitters, scroll through all, THEN finally hit "triangle."???

I realize it would require some work, but, come on. It's been years. And this is stuff a franchise manager needs easy acess to.