Never Selected Pitches


Hi Everyone,

In the loadout screen when I select pitches, it is blank. Whenever I use my ballplayer as a pitcher it defaults to giving me 4Seam and Changeup. Whenever I go into bullpen training there is not way to add a 3rd pitch or change the first 2.

I assume it's because I have 0 registered pitches to my ballplayer. Not sure if there are any fixes for this or if I could reset my data. Tried starting fresh saves but I assume ballplayer saves server side so I just need a fix for this. Want to use my ballplayer with pitch mix. Thanks


Is it a starter or reliever? I did a starter and have had 3 pitches since the beginning. I’ve made it to the majors and haven’t been allowed a 4th pitch (it’s a common problem this year). I’m wondering if you only have 2 pitches because you made a reliever?