I made a mistake...accidentally made a screwball my primary over my 4fb. One too many clicks.

Am I really stuck with this? Can't change my pitches back? RTTS can hold me over until the other issues are fixed but right now I'm screwed.

Any suggestions/tips?


ROFLMFAO!!!!! You think RTTS will hold you over?? Go check out that discussion area - for the most part, the RTTS players seem to be fuming at the state of this game right now.

If you just made the toon, you can exit the game and delete the save file. Yeah, it's a bit of rework but based on the forums I seriously doubt you want to try and change your pitches once set. People are having all sorts of problems with pitching right now.


That sucks. I deleted the file and started over. Still couldn't change my pitches.

I am a FORMER ea gamer. They are trash. Was so pumped for this game as the show is always good... Come on, SDS, get it together!