So there's alot of bugs this year but I'm sure most of them will be resolved. I have to manually switch my loadouts from the loadout screen, can't do it from the pre game screen. Not a huge deal though. But is it just me or is progression crazy slow this year? I've pitched in 11 starts, 6-3 with a 1.87 ERA and all of my pitching attributes are still under 35 (without perks) also it seems like they got less generous with the training and practice development, I've yet to see a reward of +2 or +3 to any attribute and I haven't been able to increase my caps on any attribute either, not that I need to yet since progression is so slow. Feedback is appreciated. Now for my question, lol. How are you guys getting your ballplayer into DD??? I cant seem to figure it out.. I did the tutorial but I can't find anything about my ballplayer on the DD hub. Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a nice day. 😁