This will be the only time I post about this in here. If not allowed please delete. Last year it was suggested to me by a few good people at The Show Nation that I should stream my franchise. Well finally a little over a month ago I started streaming. Right now I'm currently streaming other games while I wait for 21 to release.  Once April 16th roles around I will be adding MLB 21 to my streaming schedule. However I won't be starting my franchise until late May due to a film gig. Once I start my franchise, it will be accompanied by a more detailed thread in The Show Nations Franchise Community Forum. But like I said this is the one & only time I will post about it in here so that I don't spam you fine folks. So if you want to keep up with my MLB the show & other Twitch endeavors please head on over using the link and hit the follow button. I hope you are all as excited for The Show 21 as I am. Happy Opening Day & Happy Playing Gamers!

*Note: I play all games with 1 hand due to a birth defect so if you are looking for a super good professional gamer I may not be your speed but if your looking for a gamer who is relaxed and not afraid to laugh at himself you may enjoy what I bring to the table.