Pitcher Card Release Order (Control before OP)


Quick suggestion for your thoughts SDS: why not release the top control/movement guys earlier on (when most teams are LS gold/low diamond) so they are actually usable?

Think 99 Maddux, Hunter, and those kinds of pitchers would be fun to use early/mid-stream release (think May/June) because when they come out after we all have 99 lineups, they just aren't that useful IMHO.

Looking forward to 4/16!


Decent idea


They are useful on higher difficulties. It’s the lower difficulties that has destroyed pitching this year. With the lack of movement, speed, the ball just tunneling down the middle for no reason on a perfect meters, check swings, foul tips etc — pitching this year was tailor made for people that can’t hit to be able to stay alive in an at bat — in turn it destroyed the game on lower difficulties.

The pitching is going to be a lot better this year.