SDS Behind the Scenes


I know you guys are working hard to have game and servers ready to go at launch!!Keep up the great work! We love ya but your still not gettin our Bud Light!!! 🙂


I played NHL for the first time in years about a month ago.

Really makes you appreciate what SDS does to keep cards fresh and not just pop out 12-14 versions of cards making your guys obsolete.

We seriously had 4 different Barzal upgrades in a 10 day period. It's disgusting.

Looking forward to 21 and a fresh start that stays pretty fresh for 9-10 months.


@ChrisGill Anyone ever call you and your team a genius? This fielding overhaul you and your team worked on is game changing! I especially like the fact you thought about the new players to the game and giving them resources to acclamate to the game rather than be overwhelmed and "thrown to the wolves!" if you will. Thank you excellent job!!


Team Livingston 2022 when dev tourney comes back! Bring the belt to your fans! You can get practice in between your meetings! Please don't make me root for somebody like Matt "Phillies are gonna win every year" Shafe or Steve "Grandpa" Merka please! 🙂

No seriously, great job on ballplayer feature. It looks like the perfect way to take next step in RTTS and a Universal Created player! So excited to get back to my roots of the RTTS experience. I have watched the video probablly 15 times already trying to get every tid bit of info from video. Really excited to dive into it. So great job to everyone who worked on it thank you! 🙂

Favorite part of year seeing the fruits of your labor before game comes out!


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In year's previous, Team SDS would broadcast a marathon BR tournament the day before launch both to show off gameplay and to celebrate the fruits of their hard work. One of the secret pleasures of those streams was watching and getting to know some of the more behind-the-scenes people who don't normally appear on streams.
I hope we don't lose that this year.

Sadly no Dev Tournament this year 😞 We explored options, but we couldn't find a good solution that keeps everyone safe as well as maintains the entertaining aspects.

It honestly is a highlight for the team, super fun to produce and great to see the audience reactions.

We also get to make fun things like the intro from last year.

It will return.

Please thank the team for all the hard work they put in this last year, and know that we all do appreciate all the hard work you guys have done.

Doing large application ports are big software development tasks (my guess is you guys had been working on it for a few years on PC's via simulation until the new hardware started arriving, yet simulating code isn't always easy, and never optimal), so I bet you guys have been very busy over the past year. The '21 release is a big foundation release, and congrats on getting it to us quickly, especially under the circumstances of the last year. The '21 release coming out is nothing short of a home-run by SDS. Congrats all around.

Also, the content team did a great job last year. Not sure if they had to change their strategy mid-year or not due to Covid, yet great job to them as well.

'20 was a rough year for the world, yet The Show 20 made it a little less painful for many of us. Thanks for all your hard work, SDS.


Kyle 2.0, Clayton, and team 2 thumbs up for your work on Franchise and MTO! I understood everything you explained and my brain is already strategizing how i'm going to play these modes. I haven't seen blueprint, but what you explained opens door for so many possibilities look forward to seeing the progress in the future. Great Work!


Kyle 2.0 don't get to comfortable with belt. It's coming to team Livingston in 2022! 🙂

Clayton sorry we missed your live shot of your recent grooming. But one has to assume you took the whole "Canadian Surfer look?" 🙂

Again great job to you guys and teams! Btw 42 card art is LIT!!


John Ramsey i don't know if you are same John Ramsey i went to school with or not, if so right on! if not? Well right on anyway! Because of your dedication and help from others, WE HAVE STADIUM CREATOR! Just a HUGE TY to everyone who helped make this happen!

Been with you guys for past 10 going on 11 years and by far most exciting feature for me this year. When i do get a ps5 this will change the way i play this game in so many aspects! So once again ty for the dedication that went into making this happen! 👍 👍


Ok last post i will make for awhile since i gotta get my 99 grind on!

To each and everyone of you that made this game possible! 👍 👍