Cabrera at 1st - Error Prone?


I just finished the 1st challenge in the Extreme Showdown. In the course of eight at-bats, Cabrera (Marlins) made three errors.

I follow the Orioles and the Nationals, but I can't say that I know the Marlins very well. Is Cabrera known to go on butterfinger streaks, or did I just get a bit of luck?

I wish that I could save it for later, as the challenge was going down no matter what. The errors happened in bunts after I'd already scored on a home run, needing only one more run with nine outs left.


Cabrera as in Gold Miguel Cabrera, who doesn't even have first base as a secondary?


Ah, that explains it, though I wasn't sure that it was Miguel Cabrera. I should have checked by filtering for the name and team in the Marketplace. In any case, thanks.

Weird that the CPU would have a defender playing out of position, especially the first baseman.